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Sports training

Legacy and Sustainability Programmes using Sport

Volunteer Programmes
KAM offers a unique service in supporting volunteer programmes. We have a staff team who have worked on/ for:

  • The Manchester Commonwealth Games 2002 Volunteer Programme
  • Development of the London 2012 Volunteer Strategy
  • Potential Commonwealth Games Bid - Glasgow 2014
  • Euro 2005
  • London 2012 Volunteer Project with Newham Borough Council
  • Sport England
  • Step into Sport

The team have many skills and have ranged from being the Director of the Commonwealth Social Legacy Programme through to Venue Manager at Major Events and Training Delivery.
We have also given advice on this area of work to:

  • The Brazilian Olympic Committee
  • Turin Olympic Games 2006
  • Doha Asian Games 2006
  • Ghana – African Nations Cup Organising Committee
  • British Gymnastics
  • English Volleyball

Key users of this service will be:

  • Event Organisers
  • Local Authorities
  • National Governing Bodies of Sport
  • National Sport Organisations

We can help you develop your volunteer programme from strategic planning through to direct delivery of the project. Services provided include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Training of Senior Staff
  • Production of Relevant Reports
  • Research/ Feasibility Studies
  • Establishing an Event Volunteer Programme Office
  • Working with Event Organisers to ensure the Volunteer Programme is part of Legacy Planning
  • Development and Delivery of the Training Programme
  • Support with the Rewards Programme

We will work with you to design the type of support you require from full design and delivery to initial support and advice.

Social Legacy Planning
It is vitally important that every major event or project leaves a legacy and/ or sustainable activity. This product is specifically designed to support clients who want to ensure that their event or major project leaves a long term difference. If you need support on more general Sports Development please see the Sports Development Section.
Who will use this service?

  • Major Event Organisers
  • National Government Departments
  • National Sports Organisations
  • National & International Governing Bodies

We can help you look at all the social issues which can be tackled as a result of the Major Event Programme including Health, Social Deprivation, Young People, Economic Development & Business etc.

Training (Legacy & Sustainability)
When working with you and your team on any of our Legacy & Sustainability products, we are able to offer a training programme to run alongside the work to develop your programme. We can design a programme to meet you needs and will use both bespoke and courses already available through national programmes e.g. NASD etc.
Please see the Training Section for more details.

Monitoring & Evaluation – Legacy & Sustainability

It is important that any programme you develop has monitoring and evaluation built into the process. How do you know if you have a sustainable activity or, indeed, a Legacy has been left, without monitoring and evaluation of the activities you have undertaken?
We can help you both design you evaluation process and support you with the practical elements of delivering a monitoring and evaluation process.
See the main Monitoring & Evaluation Section for further details.

Holiday Sports and Play Schemes
Are you tasked with ensuring that there are programmes for young people during holidays? Are these difficult to run, make a loss, difficult to recruit on to, can’t find good staff?
Let us come and work with your staff to plan your holiday schemes and change them from a ‘pain in the neck’ to profitable and exciting schemes.
Who will use this service?

  • Local Authorities
  • Private Contractors
  • Community Programmes
  • Youth Services
  • Large Sports Clubs
  • Leisure Trusts