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Sports training

What we do

Our product areas are:

  • Legacy and Sustainability
  • Performance Sport
  • Sport and Leisure in Regeneration
  • Training Services
  • Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

Work with us and Discover your Success and Bring the World of Sport to Your Door

Legacy and Sustainability Programmes using Sport

For any organisation it is important whatever they do that they are efficient in the delivery of their event or services and that there is an on going legacy and sustainability. This is particularly important for those delivering public services with public money and for those running events.

The products available in this division of the Company are based around Legacy and Sustainability whatever your business is:

  • Volunteer Programmes
  • Social Legacy Planning & Delivery
  • Sports Development Strategic Planning
  • Holiday Sports and Play Schemes
  • Training
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Packages

Performance Sport

The way we work with players and performers is important from their early years. The products available in this division are there to help you develop your Long Term Athlete Development Programmes and assess where you can make improvements.

  • Strategy Development for Long Term Athlete Development Programmes
  • Team Support
  • Evaluations of Performance

Use of Sport and Leisure in Regeneration

This is a major area of work for KAM and one in which we have many years of experience. In this section of our organisation we look at how you can use sport as a key tool for your communities or your organisation.

Funding Applications and Project Management

  • Health
  • Whole Community Development – Integrating Cultures
  • Crime
  • Training
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Packages


Training is a vital part of the continuing success of any organisation and the projects they are delivering. We have a long experience of delivering training and have many trainers with a variety of qualifications including being Senior Tutors with Sports Coach UK and Sport England, Sports Governing Body Tutors, Health & Safety Experts, Project Management & Architectural Experts, Human Resources Specialists etc .
We can provide training to suit you whatever the size of the group or organisation, designed to meet your needs.

Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

How do you know that you have reached where you want to go? All projects or activities entail some evaluation, from delivering a single coaching session to the evaluation of a long term programme. KAM can help you design your research, monitoring and evaluation programme.

We can also directly deliver research projects and work with you to collect and evaluate data.